February 4, 2022

Machine Vision

Machine vision is a technology that uses image processing technology for inspecting elements and analysis of the same. Shalaka has done machine vision based project for many industries in the past years.

The machine vision based systems and algorithms developed by Shalaka focused on

  • Component Inspecting: This is used in quality assessment to assure the each product passed a test
  • Component Counting: This is used in packaging processing where components that are difficult to count manually are counted at higher rates before packing.
  • Process Feedback and Control: This is used to observe the end result, generate a feedback and control the equipment. This helps to keep a stable rate of productivity by taking into consideration the outputs
  • Machine Vision Communication: Communication was done between the host and systems using many methods like
    • Firewall (IEEE 1394)
    • USB
    • Ethernet
    • Wireless (3G 4G and Wifi)
  • The systems can also communicate with administration by hosting a web based/server based or stand alone software.

Shalaka has been developing Machine Vision based solutions for a variety of applications using standard procedures. Shalaka also has vendors who can supply with International Grade Cameras for our products.

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