February 4, 2022

Embedded Services

Quality is the key element in the success of Shalaka’s Business. We focus on continuous improvement and development of our Embedded System Designs. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our clients and deliver products that catch the eye and benefit the organisation.

Shalaka’s Business lies in the following:

  • Circuit Simulation
  • Circuit Schematic and PCB Design
  • PCB manufacturing and Assembly
  • Rapid Prototyping and Testing
  • Volume Manufacturing Services
  • Firmware Design and Development

Shalaka designs every product taking into consideration international standards. Designs are assured to work in industrial environments and provide 100% efficiency and accuracy in harsh conditions.

Core Skills 

Team Shalaka has trained engineers that have expertise in a variety of application development. The team has knowledge and expertise in a variety of industries.

Embedded System Hardware and Firmware

Shalaka has designed and developed products for many industries since the past decade

  1. Connected Devices: Shalaka has designed over 35 different modules that are a combination of sensors and communication methods that are used for rapid prototyping
  2. Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things: Shalaka is helping industries globally in developing IIoT and IoT solutions that focus on security and enhancement more than luxury. Solutions being designed by Shalaka are assisting industries improve preventive and preventive maintenance capabilities and enhance throughput. IoT also enhances the potential to save natural resources by managing available resources in real time.
  3. Automotive: Automotive electronics focuses on enhancing customer experience in vehicles and also cater the needs of safety and security. Shalaka has designed solutions for automotive companies in India, that focused on shop floor automation and automotive accessories as well. Shalaka has capabilities for assembly line, in car, quality, and process engineering.
  4.  Machine Vision: Shalaka has designed solutions that have helped industries in quality management and packaging which used machine vision techniques.
  5. Home Automation: Shalaka has helped many start ups design their products and prototypes that focused on home automation. The team is always on the move to assist new start ups improve their “to the market” time.
  6. Commercial Products: Shalaka has also designed many products that are used focus on commercial electronics like Toll Gate Controllers, Smart Locks and Biometric systems.