February 4, 2022

Commercial and Customised Electronics

Shalaka has a team dedicated to development of commercial electronics like

  • Home Automation
  • Advertising using IoT
  • Asset Tracking
  • Traffic Management Solutions
  • CapSense based Switches
  • Controllers for various applications
  • Building Management Systems and a more

Shalaka is focusing on helping startups focused on software platforms design hardware customized for their applications. In the past 3 year, Shalaka has helped 25 startups design their products and provide with timely upgrades to stay with the market pace.

Shalaka offers special low-cost solutions to startups for rapid prototyping and help them reach the market in record-breaking time. Our designs can be customised according to needs of the platforms. Shalaka plays an active role in helping startups develop their solutions in India.