February 4, 2022


Development in Automotive is a rapid process and it is necessary to update automotive technology to keep up with the market. Focus areas of Team Shalaka include

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  • On Board Diagnostics
  • Lighting Control
  • Battery Monitoring and Management System
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Fuel Indicator
  • Infotainment system
  • And many applications focused on Telematics

Shalaka has designed many solutions that are being used in automotive indsutry. Shalaka has also designed solutions that focused on shop floor level automotive electronics like Annunciators, PokaYoke Systems, Networking of Shopfloor equipment and process management systems.

Shalaka is also focused on working in Telematic Systems in Automotive Engineering and ADAS. Car to Car communication is another area of focus that combines the experience of Shalaka from Automotive Electronics and Internet of Things.


 Battery monitoring and Management Systems for Electric Vehicles. The design monitored the Battery Health and provided real-time analysis on the Dashboard enabling the user to be aware of the condition of the same. It included IoT capabilities that remotely logged information periodically on a remote server.

Quality Assurance (QA) Services

Quality is critical in the automotive sector; therefore, Shalaka is committed to quality.

Shalaka uses and applies the Automotive Process Assessment Model for software process capabilities. We have an independent test team and test laboratories where we conduct our research and perform manual and automated testing for every module, system, and solution we develop for our partners. Shalaka also tests products developed by our partners. The testing of the third-party automotive technology algorithms, modules, and systems is one of the most valuable elements of Shalaka’s services for the automotive sector.

Performance testing and hardware/software optimization is standard validation services, along with the design and development of background diagnostics and runtime modules such as POST. Shalaka provides premium vehicle hardware support and testing for our hardware designs.

Shalaka has established comprehensive, automated test standards for most vehicle platforms and technologies and our test laboratories are equipped with the most advanced optimizers, CAN simulators, Bluetooth sniffers, signal analyzers and other test units required for successful testing of complex automotive solutions. It is our investment in the safety and quality of automotive technologies.