February 4, 2022


Shalaka has helped many industries in India in implementing Electronics in Manufacturing. This included the used use of RFID for inventory and asset tracking as well as using Controller-based systems that are used as Control Systems.

Smart manufacturing is about creating an environment where all available information—from within the plant floor and from along the supply chain—is captured in real-time, made visibly and turned into actionable insights. Smart manufacturing comprises all aspects of business, blurring the boundaries among plant operations, supply chain, product design and demand management. Enabling virtual tracking of capital assets, processes, resources and products, smart manufacturing gives enterprises full visibility which in turn supports streamlining business processes and optimizing supply and demand.

In essence, smart manufacturing is a decision-making environment. Very importantly, smart manufacturing includes proactive and autonomic analytics capabilities, making smart manufacturing an intelligent and self-healing environment. With smart manufacturing, organizations can predictively meet business needs through intelligent and automated actions driven by previously inaccessible insights from the physical world. Smart manufacturing transforms businesses into proactive, autonomic organizations that predict and fix potentially disruptive issues, evolve operations and delight customers, all while increasing the bottom line.

Smart manufacturing requires a healthy dose of technology to make sure machines work together, material flows visibly in real-time, and teams of knowledge workers orchestrate the entire process. The Internet of Things is the technology environment that makes this possible. In-plant floor applications, the Internet of Things can create a network linking a range of manufacturing assets from production equipment to parts being produced, from sensor-embedded automation controls to energy meters, from trucks to a warehouse’s smart shelves.

With the Internet of Things, manufacturers can give each of their physical assets a digital identity that enables them to know the exact location and condition of those assets in real-time ubiquitously throughout the supply chain.

Shalaka has spent over a decade in Electronics for Manufacturing Electronics and houses expertise to solve the pain points of these industries. Shalaka is working towards providing a blend of Electronics and M2M for the development of Smart Manufacturing Industries.

Shalaka has designed systems for various operations like

  • Positioning of Equipment
  • Rack Management System
  • High Voltage and High Current Controller
  • Sensing of Process Parameters
  • HMI (Keyboard and LCD) for  operator interaction
  • Smart Annunciators
  • Communication interfaces for equipment with Host Controllers.

Shalaka is working on devices that can be used to monitor various parameters of industries. These are capable of real-time monitoring as well as remote logging of information.